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6 Gifting Ideas to Wow Your Most Important Clients

If you really want to give most fabulous corporate gift items to your clients, then you should start researching about these items.

Corporate gift items are really very beautiful and fabulous. There’re times when you want to give a special and meaningful gift to your most important clients.

It may be during celebration of the holiday, a birthday or anniversary, or just any other special occasion.

You can start your search by browsing this collection of client gift ideas that can help you show your appreciation.

  1. Personalised stationery:

One of the best gift items is personalized stationery and cards. People can use it for individual thank you notes and specialized messages.

A set of personalized note cards like this one can be an excellent gift that your clients can appreciate over and over again.




2. Coffee and Tea Gift Basket:

A coffee and tea gift basket is a great option for those clients who love their daily hot beverages. It comes with a variety of Starbucks coffee and tea, and a collection of cookies.





3. Business books:

Do you’ve a favourite business book that you can frequently recommend to your colleagues? Or there is a particular book that you keep on your desk and refer to often as you work.

Your top-pick business books are an excellent gift option for important clients.




4. Pen Gift Set:

A nice, quality pen set is a gift that everyone can use, thereby making it a great client gift idea. There’re so many different kinds of pens.

This way, you can give a memorable gift item that can be appreciated every time the client writes with it.


5. Fruit basket:

A fruit basket may not be a unique idea, however when filled with delicious fresh fruit, it can be a perfect gift item which you can give to your clients.

You can pick fruits that are grown in a different climate to make it even more appreciated. Plus, there’re many different sizes and types of fruit baskets available.

Fruit baskets are a traditional holiday gift; however you can also give them round the year as a birthday gift or performance incentive.


They’re a healthy way to say thank you to someone for their work, or to build a relationship with a new client.

A particular fruit basket may contain variety of apples, oranges and mandarins, and a fruit in season. There’re also some other mixed varieties, like cheese and almonds.

6. Uber Gift Card:

An Uber gift card is great for those clients who travel frequently, or for anyone who lives in a city. They are also great for transporting clients, especially if they choose UberX.

The Uber gift card is redeemable via the Uber app.



Giving a corporate premium gift to your clients is the best way to showing your appreciation and to further strengthen your relationship. Giving a premium gift will let you stand out from the crowd.

By carefully choosing the right product, you can show your clients how much they mean to you. Meanwhile, you can encourage them to reach out to you often in the future.

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