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Where do antique jewellery dealers find their jewellery?

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There can be any sources. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Garage sales/jumble sales
  • Other dealers
  • Estate sales
  • Auctions
  • Market sellers
  • Pawn brokers
  • Answering newspaper classifieds
  • Private sales.

How do I match up my Jewellery with Attire?

It shouldn’t be that heavy and attention-grabbing. Long, shiny earrings look beautiful on a chiffon saree.

What items should make up a jewellery collection?

Most of them want to possess a collection that others envy. The basic pieces that you should’ve in your collection include:

  • Nose studs
  • Anklets
  • Necklaces and earrings set
  • Bangles
  • Rings
  • Mangal sutra

There’re many other fancy pieces like:

  • Nose pins and nose rings
  • Choker
  • Toe rings
  • Studs and chandeliers in earrings
  • Maang tikka
  • Bracelet
  • saree bracelet

Is there any scope in trinkets designing?

Yes there’s a good scope in this profile. It depends upon individual’s creativity and talent. Experience and the right platform always matters a lot in this Industry.

If you’ve a talent for it, then you can do great stuff. But if you do not have a natural knack at it, then it might be a tough job for you.

Why should I have customized designs?

In today’s fashionable world, every individual wants to wear something unique and stylish.

You can design customized items by your own using jewellery designer tool. It allows customers to design a jewellery of their choice.

This tool is loaded with option like Add to cart. Customers can use to purchase that particular item which they’ve designed.

What type of jewellery boys likes the most?

  1. Rings:

Rings are unisex and are always accepted by men.

  1. Bracelets:

Kada bangles and thick bracelets are always attractive.

  1. Chains:

Do diamond jewellery stores have real diamonds?

The answer is, of course, yes. All the Jewellery offered is certified by government of India. You could have a lower price point, a different client base.

In this case you might offer bigger, bolder designs that are season-driven.

How can I export jewellery?

Do the firm registration, get the IEC code and register with GJEPC INDIA. You can follow up with them for generating leads.

You can create a quality website for your firm and can promote it online.

How does tanishq position itself in the jewellery market?

Today tanishq is considered as a trusted and popular brand. Tanishq have presence in even smaller cities.

The maang tika is the piece of jewellery that puts focus on your face.

Do you wear more gold or silver jewellery?

Both are in great demand. The demand for Silver and Gold ornaments also varies from state to state. Both options are in demand.

How can I rent my jewels online?

Do not do that as the risk is too high.  But if you want to take risk, you can consider doing it on a particular market.

Are there any hallmarks for imitation jewels?

Actually, gold has its international value. So it becomes very important to maintain its quality. Only real gold can have the hallmark. Hallmarks are generally applied to real jewelleries.

Where can we find good gems and jewellery suppliers?

There’re thousands of business portals available online. So you can check the suppliers from there according to your location.

You can also search for the best suppliers in your home city or state. Nowadays gemstones are available everywhere.

Do red stone jewels go with every kind of dress?

No, red jewellery goes with western dresses mostly. You may’ve seen red jewellery with sarees as well.

Red stone jewellery is available in different shades. Light red color is suitable with western dresses.  However, dark red looks beautiful with sarees.

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