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Is your Diamond Perfect?

The first step to buying a perfect diamond ring is to understand that there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ diamond. But yes it can be close to being perfect. The four major factors that will help you determine the quality of diamond are colour, cut, carat and clarity. The clarity of a diamond is quite possibly the most important of the four C’s Colour:- The highest quality diamonds are always colourless. The colour of a diamond plays a big role in the sparkle factor. The more the diamond is colorless the more it reflect the light better. As you go down the price scale however, slight hues of brown and yellow appear on the diamonds. choose diamonds that are graded between D to...

Why we need Corporate Gifting

Most owners of a company may be wondering, why do I want to give my workers gifts, do not I pay them for their effective services? It can be the judgment of most business owners. Workers make approximately 90% of the total personnel of any business and so they are a vital part of a business. Without workers a company wouldn’t get its potentials as the labor force is very limited. The employee’s input and services towards the development of your company should not be ignored just because you pay them as the company boss or the owner. If you are confused, you should think towards corporate gifts gurgaon. Here you can find almost everything from customized items to expensive diamonds. Workers are very important...

What are the best Corporate Gifts for Diwali Gurgaon?

corporate gifts for diwali guragaon
How to find corporate gifts for Diwali Gurgaon? To make a right choice make sure that you take some time and purchase something creative for your boss instead of choosing the item from the counter at the eleventh-hour. If you’re not sure what to give to them, so here’s a list of corporate gifting ideas that you can use to give Corporate Diwali Gifts this year. Discover unique Deepawali gifting ideas for friends, corporate employees or co-workers and clients. You can easily find the best gift item from the below mentioned corporate gifts for Diwali Gurgaon. 1. 24K GOLD LEAF FRAME LAXMI GANESH IDOL: This Gold Leaf Ganesha is suitable for corporate gifting purposes. It’s appreciated because of its amazing features. This unique gift item...

Ultimate Deal on Corporate Gifts for Diwali Gurgaon

corporate gifts for diwali gurgaon

Are you in search of best corporate gifts for Diwali Gurgaon? Today, there’re many gifts available in the markets to choose from, however, picking the right one is important. So, you can browse some best corporate Diwali gifting items available from different online websites. These websites also give you information about some major manufacturers and suppliers dealing with corporate gifting items. Now checkout some of the best collection of Corporate Gifts for Diwali Gurgaon: FLOWER GANESHA: Ganesha is the lord of success & destroyer of problems and difficulties. You can show your utmost devotion towards the lord of prosperity by bringing home this beautiful Flower Ganesha statuette. It’s made from Resin with Sterling silver plating. The flower Ganesha idol is detailed with Swarovski Crystal. DURGA…

Corporate Gifts for Diwali

corporate gifts for diwali

Are you looking for great corporate gifts items, this Diwali? Do you really want to impress your clients, customers or best employees? If you’re not sure what to give to them, so here’s a list of creative gift ideas that you can use to give Corporate Diwali Gifts this year. Corporate gifts for employees in Diwali To make a right choice make sure that you take some time and purchase something creative for them. Lakshmi Ganesh Idol: Ganesh is the God of success and Lakshmi is of wealth & prosperity. At the time of Diwali, Lakshmi Ganesh worship is very much famous and giving their idol is the perfect way to address someone. This is something that is actually appreciated by the recipient. So, you…

5 Corporate Gift Ideas for the Travel & Tourism Industry!

diwali corporate gifts for employees

If you give corporate gifts to your employees, vendors, clients, and others; then this help you make a good business relationship with them. You can consider some of the best corporate gifts perfectly tailored to those in the travel and tourism industry. Fabric Shopping Bags: This is an eco-friendly gift that anyone working in a kitchen or restaurant can use. Even someone working in a hotel can make use of this gift. In fact, anyone who eats will find a use for a fabric shopping bag. You can find these in beautiful colors & patterns, such as colourful strips. You’ve a corporate gift that can be used time and again. Small Notepads with Cover and Pen: This is such a simple corporate gift; however it…

What is the Difference Between Sterling Silver vs. Pure Silver?

government approved jewellery valuer gurgaon

While buying silver jewellery items, you should know the basic difference between sterling and pure silver. For this you can approach a govt approved jewellery valuer. A true jewellery valuer can let you know about it. Silver and sterling silver are terms that are often used again and again. However they do not always mean the same thing. Let’s take a look at how jewellery marked as sterling silver is different from items made of pure silver. What Is Pure Silver? It has actual silver content of 99.9%. Because of its high purity, it is too soft to use in jewellery making. It is often mixed with other metals to make it harder. What Is Sterling Silver? It’s an alloy created when copper is added…

How to Improve Business Relationships through Corporate Gifts?

corporate gifts

Small business gifts, better known as Corporate Gifts if given to colleagues & clients in a sincere way can do wonders to business relationships & send positive messages to clients. Here’re a few tips to help you select quality business gifts for your clients: 1. Know about Corporate Gifting Policies: Some companies have corporate gifting policies, and some don’t. Be careful when giving business gifts to companies that don’t have such policies as your gifts might get returned back to you. 2. Keeping track of your Clients: Make sure that you give the right gifts to your clients. You need to keep track of their requirements and select an item that suits best to their personality. Don’t end up sending gifts on the wrong addresses….

Why Indian Bridal Jewellery Is The Choice Of Style And Statement?

government approved jewellery

Are you passionate about bridal jewellery? Are you in search of jewellery that is valuable, and looks stunning and beautiful? If so, then you need to approach a government approved jewellery valuer. From there, you find a perfect collection of bridal jewellery. In 60’s, Indian women preferred to wear natural designs on necklaces. But today modern bride love abstract designs. A bride’s love for her traditional jewellery is everlasting and you should have ample time to know the reason, which is yet to discover. Let’s look for some really demanding Indian traditional jewellery and types: Choker Necklace: When it comes to her wedding outfit, she wants everything to be perfect. As the name suggests, choker necklaces are close fitting necklaces and sometimes available with an…

5 Best Office Decoration Ideas

diwali corporate gifts for employees

Are you confused how to decorate your office so that it looks elegant, stunning and great? For decorating your office, you can use corporate gift items. By choosing superb gift items, you can entirely change the look of your workplace. In addition to these, you can also go for these ideas: God Idols: God idols are a perfect gift option. You can place them in your office cabin, or in front of your desktop or laptop. It looks really magnificent. You can easily select from a wide range of Lord Buddha statues, Ganesh Murti, and statues of other Hindu Gods. Business card folder: Any handmade product surely leaves a good impression on the recipient’s mind. With handmade business card folders, you can display information on…

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