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Why Indian Bridal Jewellery Is The Choice Of Style And Statement?

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Are you passionate about bridal jewellery? Are you in search of jewellery that is valuable, and looks stunning and beautiful? If so, then you need to approach a government approved jewellery valuer.

From there, you find a perfect collection of bridal jewellery.

In 60’s, Indian women preferred to wear natural designs on necklaces. But today modern bride love abstract designs.

A bride’s love for her traditional jewellery is everlasting and you should have ample time to know the reason, which is yet to discover.

Let’s look for some really demanding Indian traditional jewellery and types:

  1. Choker Necklace:

When it comes to her wedding outfit, she wants everything to be perfect.

As the name suggests, choker necklaces are close fitting necklaces and sometimes available with an extension of a chain or locket.

They’re heavily worked and befitted with beautiful stones and beads.




  1. Sita Haar:

Sita Haar is the longest jewellery in the category of necklace, which reaches upto the lower part of the body of the wearer.

Modern bride can customise their orders to make them more long and lavish. Ruby, Emerald, and sapphire are some of the common stones used here in the making.




  1. Maang Tikka:

It is a traditional jewel, which is adorned and worn by every Indian bride on every big occasion.

Borli maang tikka is quite trendy these days and it’s basically originated in Rajasthan, India.

They’re quite bold and have bell kind shape. These hair accessories look great with wedding sarees, designer lehenga, and bridal suits.




  1. Traditional Anklet:

This type of jewellery is generally made in antique silver or gold. Simple work and Kundan work make them extra precious.

Especially during wedding occasions, people mostly prefer 22 karat gold jewellery because of its intense lustre and royal look.

Apart from gold pieces, one can also explore and try Kundan, platinum, diamond, and white gold jewellery.

They’re quite beautiful and made for more stylish weddings. These mentioned base materials are quite pricey and thus people are seen to go for gold numbers more.

If you visit any wedding party, then jewellery set can be a handsome pick for the couple or the bride.



Jewellery is worn by more or less everybody around the world & you can really make an outfit stand out by wearing the correct item of jewellery.

There are many types of jewellery available for people to buy. Fashion jewellery is the one that everybody is looking for.

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