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Is your Diamond Perfect?

The first step to buying a perfect diamond ring is to understand that there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ diamond. But yes it can be close to being perfect.
The four major factors that will help you determine the quality of diamond are colour, cut, carat and clarity. The clarity of a diamond is quite possibly the most important of the four C’s Colour:- The highest quality diamonds are always colourless. The colour of a diamond plays a big role in the sparkle factor. The more the diamond is colorless the more it reflect the light better. As you go
down the price scale however, slight hues of brown and yellow appear on the diamonds. choose diamonds that are graded between D to F, if price is not concern for you. Diamonds rated H, I and G are having slight hues of brown and yellow appear on the diamonds and perfect for you if you’re on a budget.
The lower down the colour scale you move, the more colour is present in the diamonds and the lower the price is.
The carat weight of a diamond is the measure of how much a diamond weighs on a digital scale. The carat weight usually includes decimals, but some retailers round it off so they can price it higher. While a higher carat weight generally means a more expensive diamond, you cannot blindly choose a higher carat diamond. The carat weight doesn’t exist in a vacuum; the quality of the diamond also depends upon the other three factors. A higher carat diamond with a poor colour and clarity grade will be less valuable than a lower carat diamond with excellent colour, cut and clarity. So make sure you examine the diamond from all aspects before you buy it.
Each cut of the diamond needs to reflect light brilliantly. If a diamond is cut too deep or too shallow, it won’t be able to properly reflect light between its different facets. There are three factors that go into determining the diamond cut quality:
Brightness: This is the amount of light your diamond reflects
Scintillation: This measures how the light and dark areas of your diamond interact
Fire: The fire of a diamond measures how much light flashes through the diamond due to light refraction.The perfect balance of these three factors gives a diamond its signature sharp look.
A diamond’s clarity depends upon how many surface imperfections it has. A perfect diamond will have no imperfections at all, but these diamonds are very rare. A diamond that ranks very low on the clarity scale will look less brilliant and might even chip easier. Here are a few terms you need to understand before you buy a diamond:

Some retailers often forge the grades for their diamonds so they can price them higher. You should always buy diamond from govt approved jewellery valuer because they aren’t always reliable. Make
sure you ask your retailer for a certificate of the diamond’s quality by a third party. A third party
examines diamonds and objectively grades them according to colour, cut, carat and clarity. At
Aashirwaj jewellery, all of our diamonds are certified by reputable organizations and are 100% conflict-

Now that you know exactly how to spot a beautiful diamond, find the perfect one for you at Aashirwaj jewellery shop, gurgaon. All of our diamonds are certified, ethically sourced and undeniably beautiful.

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