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Top 10 Silver Coins You Need to Know

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People collect silver coins because of their aesthetic appeal. Over time many of them increase in value.

It makes them a sound investment to later cash in on or passes down as heirlooms. There’re coins from all over the world that draws the interest of avid coin collectors.

Some of these coins are old while others are relatively new. Before making a purchase coin collectors can review the top ten silver coins to get an idea of what to collect.

  1. Silver American Eagles:

Since 1986, they’ve been in existence. They feature Adolph A. Weinman’s Walking Liberty design on one side & an image of the bald eagle on the other side.

It is the only silver bullion coin in the world that worth its weight. The government also promises pure silver content in each coin.

  1. Silver Maple Leaf:

The Silver Maple Leaf is a legal-tender coin, which’s issued by Canada. It has a 0.9999 silver content. On the other hand most have a 0.999 content.

The coin features a maple leaf on one side & a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the other. The coin has a face value of US $5.00.

  1. APMEX Fine Silver Round:

They’re non-tender. They show a variety of images that seem stunning in coin collection. Silver in coin form is easy to stack, sell, and store.

  1. Morgan Silver Dollar:

It is a U.S. legal-tender coin minted from 1978 to 1904 and for one more year in 1921.

The 0.86-ounce coin features a ninety percent silver and ten percent copper composition. It features Lady Liberty’s profile on one side and a bald eagle on the other side.

Despite the fact that it has a lower silver composition this coin is highly required than other prized silver coins. However, it’s highly recognizable features make it popular.

  1. Austrian Silver Philharmonics:

It’s a legal-tender coin denominated in Euros. One side shows an image of Philharmonic instruments while the other side features The Golden Hall in Vienna.

The coin is composed of 0.999 silver. It makes a unique gift for music lovers and coin collectors alike.

  1. Peace Dollar:

The Peace Dollar features the profile of Lady Liberty on one side & an eagle on the opposite side. The U.S. silver dollar signifies a symbol of peace after World War I.

It’s a legal-tender coin made of ninety percent silver and weighing one ounce. The coin was mass-produced as high quantities of silver were available at the time.

  1. Mexican Libertad:

The front of the Mexican Libertad features an image of the Angel of Independence, while the other side image is of the Mexican Seal and ten eagles.

The Bank of Mexico only produced one thousand one hundred uncirculated proofs. Also they’re more valuable than the circulated coinages.

Productions of different versions of the coins feature various images that are highly collectible. They’ve a higher value than the traditional versions.

  1. 2012 Australian Silver Year of the Dragon:

Australia only minted three lakhs total Australian 2012 Dragon coins and it makes them highly collectible.

The coin shows an image of the dragon. It represents beauty, strength, and nobility. The other side features a profile of Queen Elizabeth II. This particular 0.999 silver coin weighs one ounce.

  1. 2013 Australian Silver Year of the Snake:

It symbolizes the Year of the Snake. It is made of 99.9 percent silver. The limited mintage coinage is available with a certificate of authenticity and unique mint number.

It features an image of a snake wrapped around a tree branch on one side and a profile of Queen Elizabeth II on the other side.

  1. FIFA World Cup Silver Proof:

The FIFA World Cup Silver Proof honours the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. A complex map of Brazil and the World Cup symbol embellish the coin.

Only ten thousand exist that makes it very rare and collectible. This World Cup coin is ninety percent silver.


Silver coins are one of the most exciting and easiest ways to get started with a precious metals collection.

Silver is a most affordable precious metal. Yet it’s able to still match the pricing patterns of more valuable metals like gold.

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